Pre 1955

Following major gold discoveries at Kalgoorlie in 1893, local prospectors found gold near Mount Monger in 1896. The main production period dates from 1916 when several mines were developed close to the Mount Monger homestead. Some of these were the Caledonian, Daisy, Big Bull, Leslie, Pauline, Milano, Haoma and Maranoa mines. During this period records show that the average production grade for all of these mines was in excess of one ounce per tonne.

The lack of water, the high costs of cartage to the treatment plants in Kalgoorlie, the high costs of mining narrow stopes with hand held machines, the poor availability of labour at mine sites remote from Kalgoorlie (particularly during the war years) and low gold prices made mining at Mount Monger a difficult proposition.

The fragmented nature of the lease holding also provided a constraint to mining. In some cases mine development had to cease as the plunge of the ore body was carrying the ore zones into the lease boundaries of the neighbouring tenements that were owned by other prospectors.

1955 to 2003

The Mount Monger field continued to be mined on a small scale by private and small public consortiums for the next 50 years with mine development and exploration activities driven by the gold price. The field consisted of numerous prospectors and small companies each with their own piece of real estate to make a living from.

The field grew and eventually consisted of 25 mine workings located on the Mount Monger tenements. All of these mining areas have been exploited by either small scale underground mining or shallow open pit. Most of this mining does not extend to depths of greater than 50 metres below the surface and very little exploration has previously been completed below and along strike of these areas.

During this period the Mount Monger field remained unconsolidated with numerous players operating along the tenements.

2003 to current

A public company purchased the Daisy Complex in 2003 and implemented a strategy to consolidate the remaining high grade Mount Monger field by buying out independent prospectors.

Silver Lake Resources purchased the Mount Monger tenements in November 2007, and production from the Daisy Complex underground mine commenced in December 2007. Over the next few years Silver Lake began and completed mining operations at Christmas Flat, Wombola and Wombola Dam.

In January 2013 Silver Lake acquired Integra Mining Limited, who's mining operations were also located in the Mount Monger region.  Assets acquired as part of the Integra acquisition included the 1.2Mtpa Randalls Gold Processing Facility, the Maxwells open pit, the Cock-eyed Bob underground mine as well as a significant exploration package in the Mount Monger area.

Silver Lake is committed to ongoing exploration and project development of the Mount Monger Operation region with the objective of delivering lower cost discoveries proximal to existing mines and mine infrastructure.